Singapore to Hat Yai and onward to Krabi

Buses to Thailand depart from the terminal at the Golden Mile Complex on Beach Road.

The VIP bus (35S$ + 5$ if reservation one day before) trip from Singapore to Hat Yai takes 15 hours and is ok with reclining seats. You might get a better seat at a higher price.

A free bottle of water is given at derparture and the bus stops at the border between Singapore and Nalaysia then once in Malaysia for dinner (accepts Singapore dollars). Try the hot corn with butter in a paper cup, delicious.

The journey continues until the Thai border and then Hat Yai in the south of Thailand.

Arriving Hat Yai (not at the main bus station), a motorcycle taxi to the bus station (a couple of km from there) will cost you 20 baths.

The taxi driver will take you to an agency and not to the bus station. This is because they have commissions from tour agencies. Don’t buy your ticket at anangency as it will cost you more than the real price. Go directly to the bus terminal, get in the bus and pay the conductor which has a metallic cylinder and will ask you for the right price.

Price for Hat Yai - Krabi (5 hour by local bus) = 169 baths. I met some people who paid 500 baths for the same journey!!

Before arriving in Krabi, you can admire the dramatic Kartsts formations towering up from the plains.

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